Have you ever seen a photo you wished you were in?

Fashion photographer Gina Manning is opening up the next two months to work with YOU! Gina is known for her unique take on photography and the way she chooses to shoot her subjects. You don't need to be a professional model to create an amazing image, you just have to want it! Note: the images created in these exclusive sessions will be far from your average head shots. These images will be creative, experimental and inspired entirely by your experience together. Are you willing to collaborate and create something completely unique? Gina will push you and create something new, all she asks is you take the jump with her!

In these sessions you will agree upon a date and a location and all accommodations will be discussed in detail before the shoot and explained further when interest is expressed. You will meet at the chosen location on the day of the shoot and create together for a minimum of 2 hours. This is by all means meant to be a comfortable creative experience, come hang out and make some art! These sessions will produce two final photographs for you to use at your discretion.

This type of branding and photographic stylization is being offered at a discounted rate and open to the public during the above dates. To inquire further about rates and all other questions; please contact Gina directly via the form below. 

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